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InvestPro Azerbaijan Baku & Turkiye Istanbul 2024 – two conferences in one shot

Our partners, Bosco Conference is pleased to invite you to attend the annual B2C & B2B InvestPro Azerbaijan Baku 2024 & InvestPro Turkiye Istanbul 2024 conferences during one week!

Bosco Conference highly values all participants, and therefore their time in particular. So, for logistical convenience and ensuring the maximum range of benefits from participation in company events, the conferences will be held within one week. Attending two consecutive conferences can bring numerous benefits for professional advancement and achievement:

  • Expand in 2 times your international network to establish connections across various regions;
  • Showcase your business on a global platform to elevate your brand's recognition and reputation;
  • Gain insights into specific industries and 2 different markets;
  • Explore opportunities for cross-cultural partnerships and collaborations;
  • Optimize travel time and logistic expenses, maximizing the value of your business journey.


Topics to be expected during the conference:

     • modern investment trends;

     • changes in the international real estate market;

     • current immigration and relocation programs;

     • creation of a company in any corner of the world;

     • asset protection and capital management;

     • search for new partners and clients;

     • business structuring.


Date: April 15 & April 18

Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Baku & InterContinental Istanbul

Format of the conference:

  • Conference + Networking
  • 200+ participants from 25+ countries,
  • 12+ speakers,
  • 15+ partners;
  • Consultations from Sponsors and Partners
  • Coffee-breaks, Lunch, Evening Cocktail, Great Raffle


Working language: English/Azerbaijani/Turkish (simultaneous translation)

Azerbaijan and Turkey offer a wealth of opportunities for savvy investors. Why these countries are perfect for your next investment:

   •  strategic locations that provide access to diverse markets and trade routes;

   •  rapid economic growth in recent years (energy, tourism, infrastructure, and agriculture);

   •  government investments in countries infrastructure, including transportation networks, ports, and logistics hubs;

   •  benefits from tax breaks, subsidies, and streamlined regulatory processes, making it easier to establish and grow businesses.

   •  strong bilateral relations between 2 countries, fostering cooperation in trade and investment.


Take advantage of the chance register with additional -10% discount using the promocode TURAN via the link!

*The Organizer has right to refuse a registration. For more information, please visit the website or  contact Bosco Conference via e-mail: bc@bosco-conference.com

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