Azerbaijan Filmmakers Union on Cinema Reforms

Baku / 14.06.20 / Turan: On June 12, the Board of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan adopted a statement on the state and prospects of the national cinema. 

"Noting some successes of Azerbaijani cinema over the past decade, participation in prestigious international festivals of such films as:" Dolls "," Nabat "," Downstream "," Red Garden "," Pomegranate Garden ", and "Toward Evening", we must admit that this was a period of stagnation for our cinema as a whole,” the document says.
The main reason for this situation is the personnel policy of the Ministry of Culture. Those who were responsible for the state cinematographic policy showed themselves, to put it mildly, unprofessionally. As a result, it was not possible to carry out reforms on the basis of the State Program of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic “On the Development of Azerbaijani Cinema for 2008-2018”, the technical equipment of state film studios was not formed, and no attention was paid to the development of private companies.

The East-West International Festival of Audiovisual Films, which played a unique role in establishing creative ties between Azerbaijani and foreign filmmakers, has ceased to operate.

“At the same time, steps were taken to dissolve the Union of Filmmakers of Azerbaijan, which has existed for more than 50 years, and the unity of filmmakers in the country has shaken,” the statement said.

Taking into account the above, the Board of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan considers it important to take the following urgent measures to ensure that our national cinema meets modern requirements:

- A cinema center should be created, which should play the role of a state producer and become a key element of the Cinema Development Concept.

- The cinema center should implement the state cinematic policy, support the creative aspirations of film professionals and consider it important that the life of our people is realistic and complete on screen.

- A special structure should be created in the Cinema Center for the presentation and distribution of Azerbaijani cinema abroad.

- Given the negative practices of past years, a body should be created that will exercise public control over the activities of the Cinema Center in the person of the Public Council, consisting of the Union of Cinematographers, the Guild of Filmmakers, other public film organizations and independent specialists.

- Special attention should be paid to the development of film education, students should be sent to leading world centers, support the existing film school and create a theater of film actors.
- It is necessary to provide support to cinema chains that suffered during the pandemic, special attention should be paid to showing national films in the cinemas of the country.
- Noting that film festivals are an important condition for the development of cinema, it is necessary to revive the East-West international festival and other similar initiatives.

“We hope that this statement will be welcomed by the cinema community, creative organizations and relevant official structures,” the statement said. Board of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan.  -0-


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