Terms of use

1. General Provisions:
   a. All materials published on the Turan.az website are the property of Turan Information Agency (hereinafter referred to as Turan). Copyright for the materials is indicated within the materials themselves or in additional notes.
2. Terms of Use:
   a. To use Turan's materials, it is necessary to contact Turan Information Agency and obtain written permission.
   b. When using the materials, it is necessary to comply with the conditions provided by the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, including the re-publication of materials, their distribution, public presentation, broadcasting on television and radio, processing, etc.
   c. When republishing the material on the Internet, a hyperlink to the Turan.az website must be indicated.
   d. It is not allowed to modify the original text of the material when republishing it. However, with the condition that the essence of the content is not distorted, the material can be shortened and reworked in parts.
   e. The user is responsible for any distortions that may occur due to errors during the republishing of the material.
3. Commercial Use:
   a. For the commercial use of Turan's materials, users must contact Turan Information Agency and obtain written permission for the paid use of the materials.
   b. Questions related to the commercial use of all materials, products, and services of Turan can be discussed with the Sales Department using the following telephone numbers: (+994 12) 440-11-96 or via email: agency@turan.az.
   c. The basic rules do not constitute a contract.
4. Privacy Policy:
   a. In accordance with the privacy policy of Turan.az, we will use the personal information provided by you only for the purpose of fulfilling your orders and other limited purposes.
   b. We kindly request you to verify the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by you during registration.
5. Disclosure to Third Parties:
   a. Turan.az never discloses your personal information to third parties without your consent.
Turan Information Agency reserves the right to change the rules at any time without prior notice, and the changes come into effect upon their publication on the Turan.az website. It is the responsibility of the user to review and comply with the rules when accessing the site.