The study of the Azerbaijani historian-sociologist on the constitutional revolution has been published

Baku/17.06.22/Turan: Rza Talebi's study entitled "The Constitutional Revolution in Iran" was published by the Eastern Library (Doğu Kütüphanesi) publishing house, which specialized in publishing books on history and sociology. The book examines the ethnic, national, philosophical, and sociological roots of the 1906-1911 revolution, which has hitherto been presented in Western historiography as the "Persian Revolution".

The leading role of the regions of Azerbaijan, especially Tabriz, in the constitutional revolution and the issues of ethnic identity formed on this basis are the main object of the study in Rza Talebi's book. In this regard, the book brought a new perspective to Turkish historiography and sociology.

Speaking to Turan on the occasion of the publication of the book "Constitutional Revolution in Iran", Rza Talebi said: "The subject of the book should be of close interest to the Azerbaijani community of 50 million. Because the struggle against the monarchy in the territory of Iran was a matter not only of Tabriz or Ardabil but also of Baku. It is no coincidence that Mahammad Amin Rasulzade was publishing a magazine in Tehran at that time to support the revolution. Abbas Sahhat wrote, "Mirza Alakbar Sabir served more than one army in the Iranian revolution," for his support to Sattar Khan and the constitutional revolution. Our main task should be to study that period from all angles. As I know this well, I will continue my research"

Historian-sociologist Rza Talebi, who lives in Istanbul, has published 13 books in Turkish and Persian. He is one of the world's most important commentators on Iran.

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