The EU's message to Azerbaijan... What are they so concerned about? –

The Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) have expressed support for a proposal to bolster the civilian mission in Armenia, expanding its border patrols along the Azerbaijani border. Azerbaijani-Armenian relations took center stage during the Council on Foreign Affairs meeting.

Following the meeting, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, announced, "We decided to strengthen our mission in Armenia, deploying more patrols in sensitive areas of the border." Borrell also mentioned the exploration of options to provide assistance to Armenia through the European Peace Fund and visa liberalization.

The EU Foreign Ministers underscored the importance of vigilance against any attempts to destabilize Armenia, whether from internal or external sources. He delivered a clear message to Azerbaijan, stating, "Our message to Azerbaijan is clear: any violation of Armenia's sovereignty and territorial integrity will be unacceptable and will lead to severe consequences for our relations."

Furthermore, Borrell emphasized the EU's commitment to mediating a peace agreement in the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He announced the invitation of Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan to the next EU Council meeting in Brussels.

To shed light on the motivations behind Borrell's message to Azerbaijan, conflict analyst Elkhan Mehdiyev shared his insights on the program "Difficult Question." According to him, such rhetoric and approach by European officials are influenced by the international public opinion prevailing in Europe and the United States.

Mehdiyev explained that EU countries, particularly France, a prominent EU member, are publicly opposing Azerbaijan's efforts to restore its territorial integrity and sovereignty. They employ diplomatic means to obstruct this process, aiming to shape a negative and anti-Azerbaijani international public perception. He noted that their opposition stems from their inability to accept Azerbaijan's restoration of territorial integrity and sovereignty. The only factor preventing direct intervention is the military operations conducted on internationally recognized Azerbaijani territory, which has compelled them to adopt an observer role.

Mehdiyev also pointed out that the EU and the US State Department's statements largely align with Armenia's positions, effectively applying pressure on Azerbaijan. He contended that, for the past three decades, the Western nations have tacitly condoned Armenia's territorial claims and the annexation of Azerbaijani territories.

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