Does Putin want to revive the USSR?

Baku/22.02.22/Turan: Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Russia's recognition of the so-called Donetsk and Lugansk "people's republics". In his televised address to the nation, Putin spoke mainly about the USSR. Addressing Kiev, Putin demanded an end to hostilities, warning of "responsibility for the possible continuation of bloodshed," but without specifying what he meant.

In what direction is the process developing? Can Russia start a war with Ukraine? Which side is Azerbaijan on?

Political commentator Rauf Mirkadyrov answers these and other questions in the "Difficult Question" program.

According to him, neither in the post-Soviet space, nor in the world as a whole, the motivation for Putin's actions is assessed incorrectly.

“Many say that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to revive the USSR. And if we take this thesis on faith, then regardless of whether we like the policy of resuscitation of the empire pursued by Putin or not, we will come to the conclusion that, being a Russian patriot, he realizes the interests of Russia in the way he understands them. Perhaps he misunderstands the interests of Russia, but nevertheless, he is a patriot and, first of all, thinks about Russua’s interests. But in reality, it is not so,” said Rauf Mirkadyrov.

According to the observer, the mistake is precisely that Putin is perceived incorrectly. Despite his strong notoriety and attempts to appear in the image of such a tough macho, Putin is very intelligent.

“He understands perfectly well that Russia's resources are not enough to wage a cold war with the West, that he will lose it. Putin knows the state of the Russian economy and understands that defeat is inevitable. The question arises - would it not be more logical in this case to revive the empire in other ways? After all, it is obvious that obvious aggression will entail a response. In this case, what is Putin guided by?”, Mirkadyrov asks, and he himself gives the answer, “He wants to keep power.”—0—

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