The Kremlin wants to make Ukraine its satellite

Baku/24.02.22/Turan: Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an emergency message. He said that Moscow would seek the "demilitarization and denazification" of Ukraine, called on the Ukrainian military to lay down their arms and warned that any outside interference would be stopped immediately. Immediately after that, there were reports of explosions in a number of Ukrainian cities, including Kiev and other cities.

What does Russia want to achieve from Ukraine? Will the West support Ukraine? Which side is Azerbaijan on?

Political commentator Shahin Jafarli answers these and other questions in the program "Difficult Question".

According to the expert, the Kremlin does not want the existence of an independent, democratic, developed Slavic state, which can become an attractive example for the citizens of Russia.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated in his speeches that there is no Ukrainian people, just as Ukraine never existed and that this is an artificially created state entity,” Jafarli said.

In his opinion, the military operation carried out by Russia is aimed at destroying Ukraine as a state.

“He seeks the “Belarusization” of Ukraine - he wants to plant his puppet in Kiev, like Alexander Lukashenko. Thus, the Kremlin expects to make Ukraine its satellite,” he said, adding that in all the post-Soviet countries that seriously hoped to become independent, Russia provoked ethnic conflicts and thus did not allow it to move away from its orbit.

"Ukraine is no exception, and today's events are the continuation of the same policy," the political scientist said.

According to Jafarli, after the signing of the Declaration on Allied Cooperation with Russia, Azerbaijan will rather support Moscow than Kiev in this conflict.

“It is not clear how far we can go in support of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

In the Article 11 of the Declaration, in particular, states that the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan build their relations on the basis of allied state sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of the state borders of the two countries. But the thing is that Russia considers Crimea its territory,” Jafarli said. –0—


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