There is no real fight against corruption in Azerbaijan - Aslan Ismayilov

Baku / 08.08.17 / Turan: The fight against corruption in Azerbaijan is of a decorative nature and there are no cardinal steps in this direction, said the head of the law firm "Visa", the famous public figure Aslan Ismayilov in interview to the program Cətin Sual (Difficult issue) of Turan agency. He noted that despite the adoption of the anti-corruption law, the National Action Plan and the creation of the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Office of the Prosecutor General, there is no real progress.

Anticorruption management under the Prosecutor General periodically disseminates reports on measures taken against small officials. Thus, the last report referred to the appropriations in one of the rural areas of funds allocated for the development of agricultural holdings. It could be about 100-120 thousand manats.

At the same time, a recent resonant road accident revealed that the grandson of Deputy Prime Minister Ali Hasanov has a car collection amounting several million. If the anti-corruption structures really fight, then why do not they notice the big facts in Baku, and investigate petty affairs on the periphery? This indicates that everything is done for show-off, the lawyer believes.

One of the evidences of the lack of a real fight against corruption Ismayilov called not the application of the law on the declaration of incomes of officials adopted in 2005.

When declarations of income are announced, then it will be possible to talk about the start of the fight against corruption, he believes.

"If officials declare income, then in Azerbaijan there will not be such a large-scale corruption, which turned into a form of governing the country," Ismayilov said.

One of the ways of fighting corruption is the announcement of a financial amnesty and transfer of 10-20% of incomes of officials to the state budget, so that after that all incomes are transparent. In this case, millions of previously withdrawn abroad will be returned to the country. -03B06--

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