A new version of Unibank Mobile is launched!

Now, those who prefer tablets can use the Unibank Mobile app, too – the new version has been launched already. The tablet version of the Unibank Mobile has several new functions to go with: the iOS and Android tablet users can see their deductions as tables as well as lists from now on.

The number of users of the app that Deloitte &Touche LLC declared the best in the CIS has been growing rapidly. The current campaign keeps all the Unibank Mobile inter-card transactions free of charge. Besides, the Unibank clients can earn up to AZN 1,000 as they pay their utility, mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony, ISP and TV services and as they transfer money from a card to a card using the app thanks to the Spring Lottery that will last until 10 April.

Below are the added perks that this app brings to its users:

  • Accounts are traceable online!
  • Any information, any C2C money transfer, blocking or unblocking a card – all doable with just one click!
  • Pay any service fee be it a loan instalment, utility fees or ISP charges. Create your monthly payment templates and have your payments made for you automatically!
  • Transfer money to any friend in your contact list comfortably.
  • Get any information about deposits you want. The Unibank Mobile lets you open a deposit account and a current account and even borrow a loan secured with your deposit.   
  • Transfer money from one account to another and pay your loans very easily – without having to set aside what you’re doing now, even!

The Unibank Mobile works in iOS and Android. Make your dream come true with just one click! Load and install the Unibank Mobile – a mobile bank from Unibank – on your smartphones (http://onelink.to/ffdbwf)

For details please call us at (012) 117, visit our website (www.unibank.az) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/unibank.az) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/unibank)

The Unibank Mobile –сloser than the bank!

Unibank- the bank for everyone!

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