Azerbaijan has no banks with capital of less than 3.5 million manats

Aggregate capital of two of the 43 banks in Azerbaijan on the basis of December 2012 did not meet the minimum requirement of 10 million manat.

According to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) in the reporting period there was a bank with total capital in the range of 5-10 million manat, and its share in the total capitalization of the banking system was equal to 0.3%. Over the month, the country did not have banks with capital of less than 3.5 million manat. Only one bank had capital within 3.5-5 mln.

The number of banks with a total capital of over 10 million manat in December increased one to 41. Their share in the total capital was equal to 99.5%.

The minimum requirement for the size of the total capital of banks since July 2007 is 10 million manat. According to the CBA's decision, from 1 January 2014 the figure will be 50 million manat. - 15B -


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