Customs agrees to legalization of imports of tropical fruits

Azerbaijan  has legalized the import of tropical fruits,  according to the State Customs Committee. Over  six months of this year 12 425.1 tons of banana were imported to Azerbaijan, by three times more than in the comparable period of 2014. The quarterly dynamics of supply was stable. In the second quarter in Ecuador was purchased as much as in the first quarter - 6.700 tons. Product been declared to customs at an average price of 0.94 US dollars per 1 kg.  The  retail price is  not lower than 2 AZN/kg (about $2.) For comparison, in 2014 the volume of imports of bananas in Azerbaijan amounted to 7.630 tons.

In November, Turan news agency published investigative material ( entitled "Tropical mafia", which, based on analysis of the market questioned  the published statistics by the SCC on the volume of imports of tropical fruits.

According to the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent, mainly  LLC "Natural Fruit" (established in November 2013) is engaged in the imports of tropical fruits. According to the Ministry of Taxes, the company currently is in the process of liquidation. The company is also the sole importer of lemon and orange.

According to the State Statistics Committee, in January-June 2014 Azerbaijan did not import lemon, and orange supply was only 4.2 tons. During the same period in 2015 imports amounted to 6,074 tons ($1837.3000), orange - 10 163.7 tons ($3 million 86.100.) It is noteworthy that despite the obvious contrast  of digits, the excess of these fruits in Azerbaijan was  not observed, but there was not also deficiency of these products. Thus, new figures on the volume of imports of tropical fruits can be attributed to the legalization of this business.

Lemon is bought in South Africa, Turkey and Spain; orange is imported from Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Imports of other tropical and citrus fruit on a monopoly basis is performed by LLC "Aqro-Vest IMP."

The share of local production in the volume of consumption of lemon and orange in Azerbaijan is not great: in 2014  were produced 3966 tons of the lemon (-8%), orange - 1 584 tons (+ 1.3%.) 08B

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