Customs Officers Improved Performance

In January-February 2013, the State Customs Committee collected to the state budget customs duties and taxes in the total amount of 179.6 million manat. This is 15% more than in the same period last year.

The structure of customs duties by types of duty and taxes changed. The majority (75.6%) of revenues accounted for by VAT - 135.8 million manats (49.4%). Parallel decreased revenues on import customs duties. In January-February 2012, their volume was 54.3 million manat, and for the same period this year this figure had fallen to 35.5 million manat (-34.7%).

The volume of road tax was 2.4 mln (+19.5%), excise tax - 5.7 mln (-34.5%). In January this year, the amount of excise taxes decreased about a quarter.

In 2013, the government raised its forecast on customs duties from 1200 million to 1380 million manat. - 08D-


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