In Balakhani Industrial Park recorded the first two companies

JSC Temiz Shahar («Clean City") under the Ministry of Economy and Industry (MEI) has registered the first two companies have expressed their desire to engage in productive activities in Balakhani Industrial Park (BIP).

The press service of the MEP told Turan, LLC Ekokat will engage in the processing and production of motor oils technical and LLC Az. Ekol will produce plastic bottles.

The companies have entered into the relevant contracts. They have been provided a total area of ​​3000 m2, they told Turan in JSC Temiz Shahar.

BIP was formed in December 2011 by order of the head of state to provide secondary treatment of waste in Balakhani landfill solid waste (BPTBO). Engineering infrastructure of the park created by the state. Will be built and operational office building. Space in these buildings will be available for residents of the park at a reduced rent.

Residents are exempt from tax (profit tax, land tax, property tax and VAT on import of equipment) for 7 years. They will also benefit from preferential government loans.

BIP covers 7 hectares. Electricity for the business park will come from acting BPTBO incinerator waste. Negotiations are held with other companies planning to organize production on the basis of household waste.

LLC Az. Ekol has operated since 2010 and is one of the leading companies in the market of secondary polymers in Azerbaijan. Its core activity is processing of plastic bottles collected in landfills.

LLC Ekokat was established in April of this year. - 08D-


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