IT infrastructure of the Central Library of the Academy of Sciences of the local company Ultra

Local Ultra Company completed the installation process and organization of IT infrastructure of the Central Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

This is not the first result of cooperation - information base ANAS already fitted on the basis of the system ALISA, created by many years of experience in this field Ultra , which was made possible through the introduction of the latest technologies and systems in the history of librarianship Azerbaijan. With eight of electronic information kiosks installed at the entrance to the main building of the library , you can get detailed information about the structure of the library , the scheme each floor on floors where there are different sections , books , including , recent publications received . Some stalls adapted for people with disabilities and reduced mobility , developed a special software to facilitate their access to information.

Readers wishing to join the library , through a special electronic equipment provided library cards . In the foyer of the library installed monitor Sharp VideoWall, through which readers are provided with information of different nature and heating trailers. Monitors installed on all floors of the library will show you detailed information about the latest additions to the funds. Orders for books, entering information into a library card, as well as information retrieval are carried out electronically. More than 300 personal computers connected to the system via the server constitute a network and are equipped with modern programs that meet the relevant requirements. This allows you to connect to the resources of the leading libraries in the world, having carried out a subscription fee.

The information presented to readers a special corner of the electronic catalog system that allows you to find and order books , as well as 27 monitors, where you can find information about the ordered publication. To ensure visitors easy reading in the corners of rest, reading rooms , as well as in the cafe the best conditions . In addition, the Academic reading room set 50 laptops and System Mobile Workstation. This allows academics to make an online order and purchase the necessary items without leaving the reading room. The company has developed the Ultra DLA (Digital Library Assistant) for the protection of national and spiritual values ​​. The working principle of the system is to find the right book, without damaging others. For this purpose, are equipped with special books chips that can be read electronically. When the device is close to DLA wanted in the book database, it makes a special sound effect. As a result of the base taken just the right tome, and the rest of the book fund remain untouched. On the ground floor, a special room for visually impaired users. The room is equipped with special keyboards and printers.

Internal processes of the library are based on technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). This is the organization of the space and resources of the library. In order to prevent theft and removal of library books, not erased from the balance sheet in the library installed 3M advanced special equipment safety - turnstiles. Thus preventing the removal of library books, not erased from the balance sheet. In addition, public funds are special book «Self Check» device for books with a resolution to take away.

A device is programmed for recording library tickets. For various scientific conferences, discussions, research protections in the library hall, there is a special interactive discussion, consisting of an audience of 20 people. Room is equipped with 70 "monitor Touch Interactive.

With a scanner installed in the room ordering, you can create an electronic version of deep and ancient books. In addition, the library operates modern equipment - robotic scanner programmed for paging and Storing Instances on the server due to high-quality images. - 17D-

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