Powered another 27.8 thousand new jobs

In the first quarter of 2013 in Azerbaijan was opened 27,789 new jobs, of which 21,764 are permanent, said the State Statistical Committee. 56-year-old resident of Baku Ramiz Djumaliev says his son Ziya, having two technical higher educations, can not find jobs in his field.

Most of the jobs (75.8%) were created by individuals, i.e., persons engaged in petty trade. The remaining jobs were opened in existing facilities (14.1%) and the newly established companies (9.9%).

According to the SSC, 72.7% of new jobs created in the regions of the country, and 95.2% of jobs are in the non-oil sector of the economy.

In total, the second state program of development of the regions of the country in 2009-2013 was opened 388.9 thousand new jobs, including 297 thousand - permanent.

According to the estimates of SSC, the number of economically active population of Azerbaijan as of 1 May this year, more than 4.7 million people. Of these, 235.3 million are unemployed. On that date the status of the unemployed were 37.5 million people, of which 2.3 million people were receiving unemployment benefits in the amount of AZN 248.5 a month. - 08B-


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