Priorities identified for entrepreneurs of Shabran

The National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support (NFES) recommended Shabran entrepreneurs to engage in the production of milk on farms with up to 50 head of cattle.

In addition, the priorities of local food programs related construction of mini factories for the production of bakery products, intensive viticulture farms and enterprises for the production of cheese. Businessmen do not food destinations recommended by manufacturer of doors and windows made ​​of plastic.

As stated in the NFES, targeted projects for Shabran entrepreneurs will receive special attention. The fund can be consulted at opportunities for entrepreneurs allocate a loan of up to 100% of project cost.

NFES was established in 1992. Agents of the Fund for loans are 46 bank and non-bank credit organizations. In 2013, the Fund disbursed subsidized loans for 275 million manat. In 2014 the Fund plans to issue loans of 280 million manat. - 17D-

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