Production Association Azerpoct Increased the Number of Offices Providing Non-bank Public Services


BAKU/27.05.13/TURAN Production Association Azerpoct increased the number of offices providing public non-banking services.

According to the organization, some of this is managed through contracts with insurance companies, for the most part - by increasing the amount of remittances.

If at the beginning of the year, citizens can carry out simple financial transactions in 945 offices and branches, by April 1, this figure rose to 953. Over the past year, the right and the ability to provide financial services department received 63 of the Industrial Association.

Recall that the first post office opened in Azerbaijan in 1818 in the city of Ganja.

Production Association "Azerpoct" founded September 29, 1999.

In April 2010, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan gave him a limited license (without the right finance) on the provision of banking and financial services.

Today, it brings together 74 branches and nodes 144 postal agencies and 1513 post offices. - 17D-


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