Report by Chamber of Auditors

The Chamber of Auditors of Azerbaijan (CAA) reported on last year's activities.

According to the financial statements published by CAA, by January 1, 2014 the current assets amounted to 389,160 manat (+ 32.6% per year), long-term - 65,610 manat (minus 16%). Total assets are 454 770 manat.

The obligations by the beginning of 2014 were 44,090 manat (growth 294.1 times). The capital of the Chamber is 410,670 manat (+10.6%). The total operating income is 569,820 manat (minus 5.5%) with an increase in operating expenses by 2.5% - up to 530,740 manat.

The Chamber of Auditors of Azerbaijan has been valid from April 4, 1996. --17D-

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