Royal Sigorta yet thinks about closing

BAKU/20.12.13/TURAN : Insurance company Royal Sigorta - notorious outsider in the local market - from January to December collected 127.68 thousand manats at 4.58 thousands of payments. For comparison - the account leader Pasha Sigorta 48 million 952.18 thousand manats premiums.

According to the chairman of the financial structure Nusrat Babaev , shareholders of Royal Sigorta not yet considering closing the company or revoking its license for professional activity . "We are working within the possibilities provided to us , without reference to the well-known banks and companies - he says," forgetting " about the company's founders' relationship with the the same name bank recently bankrupt.

However, among the outsiders there are companies whose founders are well-known banking and other credit structures - so , Gunay Sigorta collected until December 1, 345.25 thousand manats , Amrah Sigorta - 729.93 thousand manats . Among those whose premiums in January-November fell short of 1 million - Era Trans (659.55 thousand) and Chartis Azerbaijan (923.37 thsd AZN ) . Recently a company on this list, Azerqarant achieved exceeding the limit with 1 million 098.66 thousand manats.

Insurance company Royal Sigorta received a license to operate in December 2011 . The company has applied for registration to the Bureau of Compulsory Insurance provided by law , which came into force on 16 December last year.

Size of the initial authorized capital is 5.5 million manat.

Its founders include Ilgar Aliyev (cousin of the President of Azerbaijan), Famil Teymurov, Vugar Shahbazli , Shahbaz Shahbazov and Fuad Jam ( son of the chairman of the supervisory board of Royal Bank Ali Jam) . - 17D-


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