State Statistics Committee of Moving Tourists in January-July

In the first half of this year, including the period of the European Games, Azerbaijan was visited by 973.5 thousand foreigners, the website of the State Committee on Statistics said.

Traditionally, the largest number of citizens comes from Russia (310.7 thousand people) and Georgia (283.4 thousand), for a total of 61% of the total number of visitors. It should be borne in mind that the majority of this category of foreign citizens is ethnic Azerbaijanis.

Following are the Turks (148.2 thousand persons or 15.2%), the citizens of Iran - 72.8 thousand or 7.5%, Ukraine - 27.2 thousand, the UK - 19.4 thousand, Kazakhstan – 12.5 thousand, Germany – 7.8 thousand, USA - 6.5 thousand people and so on.

From January to July, for different reasons and with different objectives, 1 million 919.2 thousand citizens left the country. --17D-

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