Test of new wind power station started

The Azerbaijan State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Power Sources has been testing new wind power station Yeni Yashma.

The agency’s press office reported that 18 out of 20 turbines of the power station are being tested. As soon as the tests are completed, the turbines will be connected to the power system and the station will start working at full capacity.

Yeni Yashma wind power station has a capacity of 50 MWt and is located in Khyzy region, 70 km north of Baku.

According to the preliminary studies, during five years it is planned to build up to 100 objects to generate alternative power.

In 2014 investments into development of alternative power in Azerbaijan reached 63.6 million AZN, of which 34.9 million AZN fell to development of solar power and 28.7 million AZN for development of wind power.

The State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Power Sources was established by the presidential decree on August 1, 2009.—0—

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