The authorized capital of JSC Azerbaijan Railways increased by 21.1%

The authorized capital of the state-run CJSC Azerbaijani Railways (ARW) increased by 127 million or 21.1%. The decision ( was taken by the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan (№ 148, dated 16 May 2014).

The position and structure of CJSC Azerbaijan Railways were approved February 15, 2010. At the same time the registered capital was set up as 599 million manat. The nominal value of one share is AZN 2. The share capital increases by issuing additional shares.

ARW profit for 2013 was 9.1 million or 4.08 % of revenues.

The government periodically reviews the amount of capital of public joint stock companies, in which it has 100% ownership interest. Last year, the authorized capital of Azerbaijan Airlines was increased by 39 million manat and brought to 829.9 million manat. By the volume of capital among public companies the leadership belongs to AzerEnergy – AZN 1.76 bn. -08B-

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