The total capital of domestic banks increased by 35 %

Total assets of Azerbaijani banks widened in February this year to 272.1 million or 1.3% to 20,818.5 million manat. From the beginning, the bank's assets grew by 25%.

According to the Azerbaijani Central Bank, credit investments on March 1, 2014 amounted to 15153.7 million manat, increasing the reporting month by 0.8%. Over the last year the economy grew lending by 27.7 %.

Deposits in banks in February rose by 140.3 million or 2.2 %, to 6,591.7 million manat. This figure from the beginning of the year grew by 22%.

The total capital of the banking sector increased in the reporting month to 114.8 million or 3.3% amounting to 3575.6 million manat. During the year the figure rose to 928.7 million or 35%. In many ways, this growth has contributed to the CBA decision about a fivefold increase in the requirements to the minimum level of total capital of banks. The decision was due to come into force on 1 January this year, but then for reasons of financial stability oversight body has delayed its performance for the year. -15B -

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