Transfers from the State Oil Fund to Social Protection Fund accounted for 47 % of its revenues

Revenues of the State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) in January-March of this year amounted to 712 million and its expenditures were AZN 696.8 million. This means a surplus of $ 15.2 million (2.13 % of the income of the fund).

According to the press service of the structure, in the "income" in the lead with 378 million manat is employer contributions under the compulsory insurance (11.6 % as of 1 April last year). Private sector listed 242.2 million and budget organizations - 135.8 million manat.

Almost at the level of deductions were transfers from the state budget - 333.6 million manat. Other income amounted to 0.4 million manat.

Among the additional costs in the first place are payments to the population - 685.2 million manat, including pension payments - 669.9 million (13.2 %) and the payment of benefits - 15.3 million (13.3 %).

Running the office and the branches of SSPF cost 5.06 million manat, payment bank charges in connection with the payment of pensions and benefits to the population - 2.73 million manat , other costs - insignificant.

Income and expenses for 2014 at SSPF were approved at the level of 2 billion 928 452 000 manat. - 17D-

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