"Exchange" adjust their capital to CBA requirements

"Exchange" adjust their capital to CBA requirements

3 out of 5 companies providing currency exchange services have adjusted their authorised capital in keeping with requirements of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA).

These are "Delta Capital", "Meta-Capital" and "Eliko".

These companies brought their capital to the symbolic amount of AZN 600, 000. This also enables the companies to operate with one point in Baku. For opening of the 2nd point it is necessary to additionally contribute AZN 300,000 to the authorised capital.

At present, the capital of two companies - "Zuhur" and "Baku Central Currency" - does not meet the CBA requirements. The second of them is served by two points in the capital. That is, "Zuhur" should have a charter capital of at least AZN 600,000, and "Baku Central Currency" - at least AZN 900,000.

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