Photo: acasapic / Facebook

Photo: acasapic / Facebook

РБК: The acting mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Sapić, showed the consequences of the riot in the 19th-century Old Palace building, which houses the Assembly (City Hall), and called the unrest “Maidanization.” The damage is “irreparable,” he said.

“I said that if we allow ourselves to fight for political goals through violence and overthrow of the state, then very soon we will not have a state. Now you see how true the term “Maidanization” was. A normal person cannot simply “digest” this, much less comment on it, but I once again appeal to everyone who does not think the same way: if you try to come to power through anarchy, then you will destroy the state, which tomorrow will not be able to protect even the people you think you should fight for,” Sapić wrote on Facebook.

The mayor thanked the police, who, according to him, “reacted as tolerantly as possible,” and reported that two police officers were seriously injured while suppressing the riots.

Shapic called on people to come to their senses and prevent the outbreak of a civil war. “The electoral will is manifested in elections, and institutions are introduced by legal means, not in this way,” he concluded.

Protests in Serbia began after the parliamentary elections, which were won by the coalition “Aleksandar Vucic - Serbia must not stop” with a result of 46.7% of the vote. The opposition, which received 23.69% of the vote, accused the authorities of rigging the elections. The night before, representatives of the opposition bloc “Serbia Against Violence” blocked the Assembly building, broke the door and tried to break inside, the Kurir newspaper wrote. Protesters demanded the election results be annulled. The police used tear gas against them.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said more than 30 protesters had been detained. According to her, more than 30 police officers were injured, one of them was seriously injured.

President Aleksandar Vucic urged citizens not to worry and assured that “no revolution is happening.” He called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council.


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