Benny Gantz

Benny Gantz

The Telegraph: Israel warned Lebanon that the time for a “diplomatic solution” to repeated attacks from Hezbollah along its northern border “is running out”.

Benny Gantz, a cabinet minister and favourite to take over from Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would soon intervene if Lebanese authorities did not act to stop the Iran-backed group from firing across the frontier.

It came as the north of Israel on Wednesday saw the worst barrage of rockets from the Iran-backed group Hezbollah in Lebanon since sporadic cross-border fighting erupted there after the Hamas attack on Oct 7.

“The situation on Israel’s northern border demands change,” Mr Gantz told a press conference on Wednesday night.

“The stopwatch for a diplomatic solution is running out, if the world and the Lebanese government don’t act in order to prevent the firing on Israel’s northern residents, and to distance Hezbollah from the border, the IDF will do it.”

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