ADWP called on the international community to protect Ukraine

Baku/26.02.22/Turan: The Azerbaijan Democracy and Welfare Party (ADWP) issued a statement condemning the military operations of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

The document, in particular, notes that Russian President Vladimir Putin, in violation of international law, agreements with the leaders of NATO countries - the United States, France, Germany and Great Britain, and also contrary to the Budapest Memorandum on Ukraine's security guarantees from Russia, Great Britain and the United States, gave an order for a military offensive against Ukraine from 4 directions.

As a result of the fighting, there are numerous casualties on both sides.

ADWP  expresses its solidarity with the peace-loving and progressive countries of the world, including the people of Ukraine, who are fighting for territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The ADWP  welcomes the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries, Japan and Australia, and calls for the international community to tighten them, close airspace for the Russian Federation, restrict visas for Russian citizens and disconnect Russian banks from the Swift system.

ADWP  believes that "in the name of humanity and humanity, the US, the UK and other NATO member states have an obligation to take more effective and practical measures to stop Russian aggression."

The party states that "the political and military leadership of the aggressor Russian Federation bears legal responsibility for war crimes against humanity and demands their punishment by a military tribunal for the crimes committed in accordance with international law."

ADWP  was created last year on the basis of the movement of the same name, formed in 2015. The leader of the organization is the scientist-economist Gubad Ibadoglu.—06D-


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