Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/21.04.22/Turan: A new road linking Armenia with Karabakh will be commissioned in July this year. At the same time, Russian peacekeepers will transfer the city of Lachin and the village of Zabukh to Azerbaijan, and they themselves will take the new route under protection.

The new route will start from the village of Tekh, which is on Armenian territory, and will pass by the village of Zabukh and the city of Lachin. The total length of the road is 32 km. The width of the carriageway is seven meters, and the roadbed is 12 meters, according to the State Automobile Roads Agency of the country.

At the 22nd km of the road, a bridge with a length of almost 140 meters across the Hakari River is being built. According to Armenian media, after the commissioning of the new road, six villages in the Lachin region, including the city itself, will be returned to Azerbaijan's control. On the Armenian territory, the new route will start from the village of Tekh and run south of the current road.

Also, the Armenian media claim that a checkpoint and a customs post are being built at the entrance to the territory of Azerbaijan.

Earlier official Baku stated that the status of the road from Armenia to Karabakh would be the same as the road to Nakhchivan through the Syunik region of Armenia (Zangezur corridor). The Armenian side refused to make this corridor free for the movement of people and vehicles, stating that Armenian laws would operate there, including the border service and customs.

In response, Baku stated that a similar regime would be created on the road from Armenia to Karabakh. -02B-


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