Azerbaijan and Moldova will strengthen cultural ties

Azerbaijan and Moldova intend to strengthen cultural cooperation, said at a briefing in Baku, Foreign Minister of Moldova, Natalia Gherman. According to her, Culture Days in Moldova took place  recently in Azerbaijan, and  next year, the Days of Culture of Azerbaijan will be held in Moldova.

The relations between  scientific communities of the two countries, which are already actively cooperating, will also strengthen.  In particular, the scientists of the two countries  will conduct joint research in the field of conflict resolution.

In addition, Moldova is ready to host students from Azerbaijan to study  in Moldova State University. "Today we have already enrolled 18 of your students, but it is not enough. Diplomas many of our universities are recognized in the European Union and programs of our universities fully comply with EU criteria. As  students of our universities, your youth can take advantage of programs such as Erasmus, Tempus and continue their studies at European universities," said Herman.  -03В-

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