Bakhtiyar Hajiyev addressed the President of COP29

Social activist Bakhtiyar Gadzhiev appealed from the pre-trial detention center to the President of COP29, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mukhtar Babayev.

This message contains a request to Babaev, on the eve of the climate conference, to raise with the country's leadership the issue of releasing from prison those arrested for political reasons and for religious beliefs.

When contacting officials regarding the cases of these people in connection with the extension of their investigation and trials, responses are received that they will be released on the eve of COP 29.

Hajiyev believes that those arrested on false charges should not become “political hostages of COP 29.”

“While the world’s attention to Azerbaijan is increasing every day, we are political prisoners, well-known representatives of civil society should not turn into political hostages of COP29. This event is not just an environmental conference, but also an economic and political forum. The essence of this forum is public participation. The event, which will discuss global climate discussions, should serve not to worsen, but to improve the political climate in the country. I ask you to take all this into account and discuss with the country’s leadership and the COP29 organizing committee the issue of releasing those arrested for political reasons, and take steps to lower the political temperature in Azerbaijan,” Hajiyev further notes.


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