Editorial Board of “Abzas Media”: The reason for the arrest of Ulvi Hasanli – materials on corruption of the authorities

Editorial Board of “Abzas Media”: The reason for the arrest of Ulvi Hasanli – materials on corruption of the authorities

Baku/20.11.23/Turan: The reason for the arrest of Ulvi Hasanli is materials on the investigation of corruption facts, stated  the editorial address to the readers.

"This morning, employees of the Baku City Police Department arrested the director of “Abzas Media” Ulvi Hasanli. After that, searches  began in the office of "Abzas Media" and the apartment of U.Hasanli. In our office, they "found" 40,000 euros."

Colleagues saw a bruise under the eye of Ulvi Hasanli, who was brought to the editorial office where the search took place. He told his colleagues that he had been beaten during his detention. Later, he was taken to the Baku City Police Headquarters, where he was also subjected to inhuman treatment and severe beatings. He said he was punched and kicked. Ulvi Hasanli noted that the questions asked to him at the police station were related to the investigation of corruption crimes.

The detention of Hasanli and the search of his house and office are illegal. Everything that happened is connected with his professional activities and he should be released immediately.

"We consider President Ilham Aliyev responsible for his illegal detention. Because we are publishing a series of investigations related to him and his officials," the appeal says. “The goal of the authorities is to put an end to these investigations and shut down “Abzas Media,” no arrests or other methods of pressure can prevent us from reporting news to you. You deserve the right information and have the right to know by whom and how your taxes are spent. Your freedom of information cannot be restricted by our detention. We will continue our investigations.

We ask you to share our materials so that they reach more people, and use the hashtags #freeUlviHasanli #AbzasMedia #azadmediasusdurulabilmez when exchanging. Thank you!",  the appeal says. -0-


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