Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/11.11.22/Turan: On the occasion of the second anniversary of the end of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the EU called on the parties to moderate their rhetoric and avoid any unnecessary escalation of tension and military provocations.

“This week marks the second anniversary of the end of the 44-day war in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone. On this occasion, the EU remembers all the Armenian and Azerbaijani victims of the conflict over the past 30 years. Fully aware of this difficult legacy, the EU calls on both sides to avoid hostility and continue reconciliation efforts to prevent further unnecessary loss of life and damage,” an EU official said in a statement.

It is also noted that the EU welcomes the numerous steps taken by the leadership of Armenia and Azerbaijan to overcome differences and achieve a lasting and sustainable peace in the region. The EU appreciates their continued involvement in ongoing negotiations at various levels and in various formats. “While these negotiations are certainly complex and will take time, it is imperative that we not lose momentum, agree on concrete steps forward and ensure a safe, secure and prosperous environment for the benefit of the entire population of the region,” the document continues.

In a still volatile environment where the wounds of the past 30 years are far from healing, the EU once again calls on the parties to "moderate their rhetoric and avoid any unnecessary escalation of tension", including "refraining from threatening or blaming each other" and "military provocations". and action."

The EU will continue to actively respond to the wishes of both sides and support them in their work towards a comprehensive and fair settlement of all outstanding issues, including through the personal efforts of the President of the European Council Charles Michel, High Representative Josep Borrell, EU Special Representative Toivo Klaar, as well as other EU mechanisms. -16V-

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