Fraudsters act on behalf of an international human rights organization

Baku/01.10.19/Turan: The Board of Directors of the International Committee for the Protection of Human Rights receives very often law enforcement requests and Azerbaijani media on our activities in this country. The questions are very similar each time and we therefore comment on the situation of our employees and our activities in Azerbaijan as follows:

CIPDH representation in Azerbaijan.

CIPDH representation in Azerbaijan is not registered and does not exist. Only after receiving official permission of the Azerbaijani authorities will we begin to register the representative office in Baku. Our organization in Azerbaijan's activities are only meant to represent the interests of Azerbaijan. This is possible only after obtaining permission and the special status granted by the state structures of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Who is M.Elchin Akhundzade?

The Board of CIPDH does not know who is M.Elchin Akhundzade. He is not a member of our organization. It's a crook. We opened an internal investigation and want to understand why he wears the uniform of our organization and that gave him authority.We do not know who this man is and we have not given him permission to contact the media. CIPDH the organization has never issued official documents.

Who is M.Ismayil Agayev?

M.Ismayil Agayev, for reasons not related to the constituent activities stock the organization CIPDHFor actions detrimental to the dignity of an organization in the Republic of Azerbaijan, he was excluded members CIPDH.

Project Coordination Office in Central Asia.

Project Coordination Office in Central Asia is an official service of the organization that negotiates with the authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan the early activities of our organization in this country. Specialists and consultants of this service officially sent requests to all law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in which they described the goals and objectives of committee representation in Azerbaijan. They also participate in the selection of employees who work in the representative office in Baku.

For questions, you can contact:

+994 (50) 371 70 40.

+994 (50) 244 99 32.

Badamdar, 3rd Estate Baglar str. 3, Building 6 AZ1021, Baku, Azerbaijan.--0--

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