Fuad Agayev: the arrest Ilgar Mamedov is unfounded

On February 5,  a complain about the illegal detention of Ilgar Mamedov, the leader of the Public Movement REAL, by the General Prosecutor Office for Serious Crimes, was  submitted to the Nasimi Court. On February 6 an appeal was made regarding unjustified decision to arrest him for two months, according to his lawyer, Fuad Agayev.

"There are no grounds to arrest  Ilgar Mamedov," the lawyer said, adding that there is a strong evidence of Mamedov’s innocence and violations, but the  lawyer can not speak about it  because  he has given the receipt of non-disclosure.

Being asked what specifically Mamedov’s is accused of  the lawyer said that investigation  considers  him an organizer of  unrest in Ismailli region, and their partyicipant.

Does the prosecution have  perspectives? Agayev made clear that the case has no  any future. "However, taking into account where it all happens, nothing can be ruled out," he added.

The lawyer also said that the investigation is led by Eldar Akhmedov, head of the Serious Crimes Department of the  Prosecutor Office. Just under the guidance of this prosecutor, in 2005,  were convicted Ali Insanov, Farhad Aliyev, Rafiq Aliyev, Akif Muradverdiyev, and others. The European Court of Human Rights repeatedly made decisions on the illegality of the charges under the guidance of this prosecutor, said Agayev, and added that Ilgar Mamedov tries not to  collapse. -02В-


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