Isa Gambar is leaving the post of the head of "Musavat" party, but remains in politics

Isa Gambar held today his last press conference as a head of the "Musavat"  party. At tomorrow's Congress of  "Musavat",  Qambar after the 22 years decided to leave this post.

The event was also attended by Cemil Unal,  the head of the Azerbaijani Cultural Society  functioning in Turkey, and his deputy Isa Yashar Tezel.

“The elections of the head of “Musavat” party is an example of democracy, and a warning to the authorities. They need to know that "Musavat" will not allow  to take the country back to the feudal period,” said Gambar. According to him, the Azerbaijani authorities have established lifelong positions - President, the Attorney General, the Ombudsman, and even the head of the Caucasus Muslims and others.

"Aliyev regime brought to the country a feudal power, and set lifetime positions. Even the deputy mandates became lifelong. Instead of the deceased deputy  comes his son," said Gambar.

The elections for the post of "Musavat" heads were democratic and  the campaign was open. "These election  in "Musavat"  is an example, and violates  the  practice  of elections with known results,"  said Gambar. "I think it is an honor to be chairman of the party,  and to be a member. I do not accept the post of "leader" or some other status. If party members choose me, I can become a member of the Majlis.  I can be  helpful as chairman of the National Strategic Thought Center," said Gambar. Commenting on the results of 22 years of his presidency, Gambar described it as a "draw" with the authorities.

"For 22 years I have tried to change Aliyev regime, but they  also wanted to change me. Neither I, nor they have not achieved their goal," said Gambar. However, he noted that in fact, "Musavat" won the 2000 parliamentary elections, and the 2003 presidential elections.

"We do not accept the way of struggle for power through force, as  it is in neighboring countries. "Musavat" resolutely refused it. We do not want to shed blood for the sake of power,  and use of force," said Gambar.  However, Gambar believes in victory of  "Musavat" in the near future  over Aliyev regime.

"Aliyev regime  is rots,  and it is evidenced by the domestic and international attitude towards the regime.

"Musavat" twice came to power, and  it will come to power third time. But this time  the  power of the Democrats will be the long-term," believes Gambar.

Answering the question whether  Gambar will run for the post of  president in 2018, he replied that he would take part in the elections if the Congress of  "Musavat" nominate his candidacy.

Gambar does not exclude that after the election of a new chairman of the party, some unhappy with the results will leave the Musavat party. "I do not believe in the mass  result. Even if they leave the party it will change  nothing," said Gambar.-03C-

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