Large-scale military exercises of Azerbaijan and Turkey

From the 13th to the 20th of September there will be large-scale, tactical exercises with the participation of all types of Azerbaijani Armed Forces, as well as military units in Turkey.

As stated in the press service of the Defense Ministry, the first stage will involve intelligence units, Special Forces, Air Force and Air Defense.

The second stage will involve land troops, which will carry out offensive operations in a variety of conditions, including mountainous terrain. Commandos will land in the place.

The exercise will involve 10,000 military reservists who will hold training exercises with live fire, moral and psychological preparation.

The third stage will involve training centers and areas with live firing from tank, motorized rifle, rocket, artillery and anti-aircraft missiles.

Combat aircraft and helicopters will be involved and practical missile launches and bombing will be carried out.

The exercise will be attended by 30,000 personnel, more than 250 armored vehicles, 150 artillery pieces, 20 planes and 15 helicopters, air defense, and anti-aircraft missile units.

The place of the exercise has not been reported. -03D-

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