Musavat Declares Unlawful Interference with Electoral Process in Gobustan

Yesterday in the 50th Gobustan-Absheron constituency the envoy of the party Musavat Gadim Soltan was kidnapped.

Soltan himself told Turan that he, along with other activists, collected signatures in favor of the candidate of Musavat Sakhavat Soltan.

In the village Arabgadim a Mazahir Mahmudoglu previously collected identity cards from local residents and told them that against those who give a signature to Sakhavat Soltan a criminal investigation will begin.

During their stay in this village activists of Musavat were pursued by the village administration’s officers. They photographed the houses, where the oppositionists came, and those with whom they talked.

In the nearby village of Hilmilli a man named Hussein approached and introduced himself as "the owner of the village." He said that without his consent they cannot collect signatures.

When the opposition activists came from another house, some Niva cars without numbers arrived. They were representatives of the Electoral Commission and the executive power and tried to take away the signature lists, but they did not succeed. However, they managed to hold and actually kidnap Gadim Soltan. He was put into a car and taken away.

He was landed in a desert after two hours.

G. Soltan informed Service 102 of MIA about the incident and wrote a letter to the Gobustan police department.

"We'll go to the end. This is an open interference in the election process and violation of the basic requirements of the law," said G. Soltan. -05B06-

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