"Musavat" - freedom of assembly is violated in the country

Baku / 03.11.17 / Turan: The Musavat Party, whose activists held an unauthorized rally in front of the Baku mayor's office, accuse the authorities of violating the freedom of assembly. The resolution of the failed picket says that human rights are violated in the country, national wealth is being plundered, corruption is rampant. "There is no normal atmosphere for political competition in the country, criticism of the authorities and journalists are subjected to repression, they are arrested," the resolution says.

The people are deprived of the opportunity to freely express their will and the right to freedom of assembly. Evidence of this, the ban on holding a picket in front of the mayor's office of the capital, and processions along the streets of the city, is noted in the document. The protesters demanded the immediate abolition of these anti-democratic restrictions and ensuring the fundamental rights of citizens. During the picket attempt, the police detained 9 participants, who were released three hours after they had wrote explantion.-05D-

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