Musavat party is preparing for the next congress

Baku/16.09.19/Turan: The next congress of the Musavat party will be held on October 12. Party sources told Turan that 400 delegates to the congress would be elected at district party conferences. The agenda of the forum, among others, includes the election of the party chair.

Next week, a meeting of the Musavat organizing committee will be held to discuss issues on nominating candidates for the post of party leader.

Musavat is the oldest party in Azerbaijan, which was founded in 1911 by Mamed Emin Rasluzade and others and the ideology of national democracy. After the establishment of Soviet power in Azerbaijan, the party first went underground and later acted in political emigration.

In 1992, the activities of Musavat were restored in Azerbaijan and one of the leaders of the Popular Front, then speaker of the parliament Isa Gambar, was elected head of the party.

At the congress in 2014, in accordance with the party"s charter, Gambar no longer ran for the party"s head and Arif Hajili was elected new chair. -06D--

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