Netherlands Appeal to Prosecutor General of Ukraine in Connection with Fikret Huseynli

Baku / 23.10.17 / Turan: The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kiev sent an official appeal to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General"s Office in connection with the citizen of the Netherlands Fikret Huseynli, detained at the Boryspil airport.

The Ambassador"s letter expresses concern about the detention of the Dutch citizen Fikret Huseynli and his future fate in Ukraine. The letter also indicates that Fikret Huseynli in 2008 asked for political asylum in the Netherlands and this right was granted to him. In 2013, his right to reside was extended for an indefinite period. In 2014, Huseynli was granted the citizenship of the Netherlands.

The letter says that "the extradition of Huseynli to Azerbaijan contradicts Article 3 (prohibition of torture) of the European Convention on Human Rights. The taking of such steps is contrary to the law."

Fikret Huseynli was detained by border guards at the Boryspil airport on departure from Kiev to Dusseldorf on the basis of the request of the Azerbaijani side to Interpol. He is accused of fraud and illegal crossing of the border of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

On October 18, the Boryspil City Court sentenced him to arrest for 18 days. -03B-

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