PACE and OSCE PA members are interested in media freedom in Azerbaijan

Baku / 10.04.18 / Turan: Members of the observation missions of the Parliamentary Assemblies of the Council of Europe and the OSCE in the early presidential elections held a meeting with representatives of the media, Public TV, the CEC and experts on Tuesday to familiarize themselves with the situation with freedom of the press in the country.

Representatives of the country's few independent media reported on serious problems with media freedom, including restrictions on access to official information, the prosecution of journalists for investigating corruption, the arrest of more than a dozen journalists and bloggers, the blocking of websites, the media's discrimination, and the tightening of legislation.

If there is no media freedom, then the elections themselves can hardly be called free, one of the participants of the meeting said.

In turn, representatives of the CEC and the pro-government press tried to assert the opposite, saying that the country had freedom of media and conditions for free expression of will. -06D-

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