Peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia must be based on respect of  territorial integrity - Berbock

Baku/04.11.23/Turan: German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, in a press conference held in Baku on November 4, conveyed the European Union's and Germany's commitment to supporting Azerbaijan and Armenia in their pursuit of peace. Her statement followed discussions with her Azerbaijani counterpart, Jeyhun Bayramov.

Berbock emphasized that any peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia must be founded on the principle of respecting the territorial integrity of both nations. During her visit to Armenia, she had the opportunity to meet with individuals who had come from the conflict-ridden region of Karabakh and expressed their desire to return. She stressed the importance of facilitating their safe return and highlighted the EU's willingness to support confidence-building measures between the two countries.

Addressing the pressing issue of landmines, Berbock revealed that Germany is offering a project to enhance mine clearance capacity in Azerbaijan. Landmines pose a significant threat in the region, and efforts to mitigate this danger are crucial for the safety of the civilian population.

Minister Bayramov, in his remarks, placed responsibility for the migration of the Armenian population squarely on the leadership of the illegal regime in Karabakh and the Armenian authorities, accusing them of stoking ethnic tensions for years. He pointed out that following the anti-terrorist operation in the region, Azerbaijani authorities engaged in constructive efforts. These included meetings with representatives of the Armenian population in Karabakh, the provision of humanitarian assistance, the restoration of electricity supply, and granting access to the UN mission, international organizations, and foreign diplomats in the region.

Bayramov reaffirmed Azerbaijan's readiness for peace talks with Armenia. Recently, he held discussions with the Armenian Foreign Minister in Tehran as part of the "3+3" format. Azerbaijan has put forth proposals for a peace treaty and is currently awaiting a response from Yerevan.

Regarding negotiations in the Brussels format, Baku expressed a generally positive stance. Azerbaijan remains open to negotiations in various formats and locations if such flexibility can contribute to advancing the peace process, Bayramov stated.

During her visit, Minister Berbock also met with Azerbaijani refugees from Armenia, underscoring the humanitarian dimension of the conflict. She addressed human rights concerns, emphasizing that both Azerbaijan and Germany, as members of the Council of Europe, are obligated to uphold their commitments in this regard.

The statements from both sides highlight ongoing diplomatic efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the longstanding conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, with international partners like the EU and Germany playing an active role in facilitating dialogue and stability in the region.--06С--

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