Pelosi accused Azerbaijan and suggest military cooperation to Yerevan, where an anti-Russian rally was held

Baku/18.09.22/Turan: “Before this visit, an attack was made on the borders of Armenia and the sovereignty of Armenia”, - Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said on September 18 in Yerevan.

“Armenia is important to us and we are responding to the deadly attacks in Azerbaijan on behalf of Congress,” - Pelosi said speaking at a briefing after a meeting with the speaker of the Armenian parliament.

She noed that the United States, as the co-chair of the Minsk Group, clearly and long ago stated that the  conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan cannot lead to military solutions.

“The purpose of our visit is to understand what Armenia expects from the United States and what kind of support we can provide, and what will be organized in the field of defense. Armenia makes the decision, and we are ready to help if it accepts it,” - Pelosi noted.

Congresswoman Jackie Speer, who arrived with Pelosi, said that the House of Representatives had passed a resolution condemning Azerbaijan's actions. “I hope it will be accepted soon. As for the obligations to Armenia, we will cover the territorial territory of Armenia and oppose any changes in the borders of Armenia,” - she said.

In turn, the Speaker of the Armenian Parliament A Simyanyan said: "Any US assistance is vital for us, clear sanctions can become another lever against the expansionist ambitions of Azerbaijan."

Meanwhile, on Sunday, a rally was held in Yerevan with the participation of several thousand people who demanded Armenia's withdrawal from the CSTO. The protesters accused Russia of betrayal and failure to fulfill their obligations to protect Armenia. -02B-

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