Prosecutor General Threatens Opposition and NGOs

Baku / 06.06.17 / Turan: Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov stated about the facts of financial and legal violations by opposition parties and NGOs.

"For years, calling themselves opposition, but not registered by the state, political parties, as well as NGOs, violated the requirements of the law, and especially in the issue of financial transparency.

We had to take serious steps to call them to the law," the prosecutor told reporters.

According to him, parties should submit financial statements to the CEC, and NGOs should provide information on grants to the Ministry of Finance.

As stated by Garalov, the Azerbaijani legislation is "improved", so they cannot receive funds within the country. "Therefore, they open accounts in other countries, which is illegal," Garalov said.

Further, Garalov cited the example of the ruling party New Azerbaijan and its financial reporting to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice.

"Some rant about the law, but are involved in illegal grant corruption themselves. They need to know that the sources of recently identified funds will be exposed by us. It's time for a broad audit of the financial sources of these entities," Garalov said, hinting at the arrests of the Deputy Chairman of the Popular Front Party Gezal Bayramli and the journalist Afgan Mukhtarly. -16D-

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