Protesters in Baku demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine

Baku/27.02.22/Turan: On Sunday hundreds of people - civil and political activists, members of the public, journalists today took part in a demonstration in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Azerbaijan in support of the people of this country in connection with the military invasion of the Russian Federation.

The protesters chanted the slogans:"Ukraine!", "No to war!", "Down with Putin!", "Glory to Ukraine!", "Glory to the heroes!", "Ukrainian people, Azerbaijani people with you!", "Putin, get out!" , "Russia without Putin!" , “This is not a war of the Russian people, this is Putin’s war!”, “Azerbaijan has awakened, it supports Ukraine!” other slogans were chanted.

The statement of the protesters sharply condemns the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine "in violation of international law and the principle of the territorial integrity of countries."

"We honor the memory of those who died for the defense of Ukraine. The Russian occupation forces must be unconditionally withdrawn from the territory of Ukraine. We demand that Russian officials, including Putin, who decided to start a war against Ukraine, be brought before an international military tribunal," the statement said.

Social activist and journalist Aliya Yagublu said that insufficient reaction of the international community to the Kremlin's policy in recent years led to Russian aggression.

“The world community did not take any action against Russia when it occupied Crimea. This allowed Russia to start aggression already against the whole of Ukraine. Putin must face an international military tribunal," she said.

Representatives of the Ukrainian embassy in Azerbaijan addressed the protesters. Embassy Counselor Oleg Klinchenko thanked the Azerbaijani people for their active support.

“The Azerbaijani people have been with the Ukrainian people since the first day. On behalf of the people of Ukraine, the Embassy of Ukraine, we thank the people of Azerbaijan, the leadership of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani people support Ukraine, the Azerbaijani state provides humanitarian assistance. SOCAR provides free fuel to emergency services,” he said.

The action passed without incident, but the police limited the number of participants by blocking the passage to the embassy on both sides of the street some time after the start of the demonstration. There were no arrests.—06B-


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