Public Committee: Accusations against Mehman Aliyev are fabricated

Baku / 08/31/17 / Turan: Meeting of the Public Committee "Freedom to Mehman Aliyev!" was held on August 31 at the headquarters of the "Musavat" party. Economist Gubad Ibadoglu called unfounded the charges of the investigation, that Aliyev took over the responsibility for accounting. According to him, there are no restrictions in the legislation. Ibadoglu also questioned the accusations about extracting illegal proceeds for 148,000 manats and tax evasion. He called "incorrect" the calculation of 60,000 manat as a profit tax. This tax is calculated from 20% of net income, after deducting all expenses.

Ibadoglu also pointed to the unfounded nature of the accusation of illegal entrepreneurship.

This charge can be raised if the enterprise operates without state registration or a license, if this type of activity requires a special permit. Turan had a registration, and the activities of the news agency license is not required.

"The real reason for M.Aliyev's arrest is related to his professional journalistic activities," he said.

During the meeting, the alleged actions in defense of Mehman Aliyev were discussed. At the end of the meeting, an appeal was made to the local and international public, where Aliyev's arrest was called unreasonable and politically motivated.

The authors urge the local and international community to make every effort to release Mehman Aliyev.

The public committee includes more than 100 people - representatives of the media, political parties, civil society, creative intelligentsia, Azerbaijani political emigrants abroad. -05C06--

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