Rasul Jafarov addresses to Ilham Aliyev and Zakir Garalov

The human rights activist Rasul Jafarov appealed to President Ilham Aliyev and the Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov to release him from prison.

In a letter to President Ilham Aliyev, sent on October 14, Jafarov notes that he was engaged in human rights activities in the name of strong Azerbaijan and well-being of the country.

"In the future, to achieve these goals I am going to continue this work more emphatically, correctly, transparently and inclusively, through dialogue."

Jafarov said that even before his arrest he had taken all necessary steps to facilitate the objective conduct of the investigation.

However, the human rights activist, realizing that his release depends on President Ilham Aliyev, asks him to provide the necessary order.

However, Jafarov on 15 October addressed to the Attorney General in connection with the approaching end of the term of the measure of restraint selected for him and requests Garalov to give the investigating authority, at least, an indication to release him under house arrest.

Jafarov recalls that he did not shy away from the investigation, gave the necessary evidence and provided the requested documents. He has a permanent place of residence, and therefore there are no grounds for his detention.

Jafarov said that as a human rights activist, he had previously written to Ilham Aliyev and other officials.

Assuming the accusations pushed against him as politically motivated, Jafarov said that if for his release it was necessary to appeal to the President, then he did it.

"Given the interest of the local and international community, I want to note that this appeal is not a petition for clemency or contrition for rights-based projects. I reiterate that I carried out activities in the name of strong Azerbaijan and well-being of the citizens. In the future, I intend to continue to work exclusively in this direction," said Jafarov. --06D--

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