"Reserve officers" are going to picket the Ministry of Justice and the house of Defense Minister

Public Association "Reserve officers" have sent the Baku Mayor’s Office a notification  on their intent to assemble a picket in front of the Ministry of Justice and  the apartments of the Defense Minister, Safar Abiyev,  in the military town "Red East",  on March 9 at 15:00 and 17:00. The participation of 30-40 people in both pickets is expected. 

The protests will be held under the slogan: "Execute court decisions," "Punish those who violate the rule of law", "Pay monetary compensation", "Do not allow Safar Abiyev  to leave the country," "Shame on officials paralyzing the judicial power," "Ensure the right to a pension," "Dismiss cowardly bailiffs," "End tyranny!".

The pickets will be held in connection with non-execution of 17 court decisions on complaints  on non payment of allowances for officers  for unused vacation, and allowances for serving in the front line. -16D06-




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