The funeral of the dead policemen took place

The funeral of the dead policemen took place

The funeral of three policemen took place in Baku today. Captain Eldaniz Mammadov, Sergeant Mahir Mammadov and Mirali Khedarov died on June 24 during a daring operation in the village of Shuvalan, located in the Khazar district of the capital of Azerbaijan.

The funeral processions were attended by family members of the victims, as well as colleagues and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The tragic incident occurred when police officers involved in the arrest of a wanted criminal encountered fierce resistance. The suspect, identified as Rovshan Allahverdiyev, born in 1986, previously convicted, violently resisted arrest by using weapons, resulting in the death ofthree policemen and one civilian.

During the operation, Allahverdiyev, armed with a Lancaster hunting rifle, not only refused to surrender, but also endangered bystanders, including members of his family. In the ensuing chaos, he opened fire on the police, taking their lives.

Despite the heavy losses, law enforcement officers reacted quickly, neutralizing Allahverdiyev and ensuring the safety of other people in the area.

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